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When it comes to creating gardens and habitats for wildlife, from smaller urban spaces to several acre sites, we're unrivalled experts in this field.  We've not been creating biodiverse wildlife gardens and sanctuaries for nature for 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years.  We’ve been expertly creating both large and small sanctuaries that are beyond compare for nigh-on 20 years.   


We travel the length and breadth of the UK and even internationally consulting on, designing and creating beautiful wildlife gardens and green spaces.  We therefore do not need to employ separate contractors to interpret our designs. We have demonstrated that even formal gardens - with our expert soft and hard landscaping - can be sanctuaries for nature as well as a paradise for our passionate clients.  


We know how to create long-lived, florally diverse meadows and wildlife ponds that blend seamlessly into the landscape and cater for all wildlife. We create bespoke water features and streams, we carry out planting from herbaceous borders to hedgerows.  We undertake tree planting and tree care and the planting of new woodlands.  


Above all, we are unsurpassed in competently and expertly creating every crucial habitat for wildlife within your green space - whilst working with nature, for nature


We do not use other landscapers’ imagery.  All projects on this site are of Hazelwood Landscapes' work and are copyrighted.  For a brief sample of our work, please enjoy our video below...

© Hazelwood Landscapes Ltd


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Joel is a force for good in nature - his passion for garden wildlife is infectious, and his expertise unmatched. He built a garden pond for us last autumn and we are currently waiting excitedly to see what happens this spring, and the rest of the year! 

Dr Stephen Moss - Naturalist & bestselling author


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We cover the whole of the United Kingdom, even travelling as far as Panama to install a wildlife pond!  So no location is too distant, just drop us a line:

Telephone: +447527 702470

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