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Extra Features

There are many more features we can add to your garden to create a haven for wildlife, outside of ponds, meadows and borders.  From stumperies and insect hotels to bird hides and hedgehog highways, we can do it all. 

Refuges for insects don’t have to be huge. Ensuring the right features is vitally important. We can
tailor-make an insect hotel to not only be perfect as a refuge for grateful insects and even
amphibians, but we ensure that the hotel is a show piece and talking point for your garden.

Much of our wildlife can be found particularly easily within wildlife gardens throughout the spring,
summer and autumn. However, many species will need to over-winter somewhere safe to avoid the
cold or predation. Stumperies and hibernacula can provide a vital refuge for various species of
wildlife throughout the winter months, and are often forgotten when wildlife gardens are created.
These habitats can double as an attractive feature by being planted in such a way to not only benefit
the wildlife but to compliment the aesthetics of your garden design.


Learn more about our past projects

Click here to be taken to Our Portfolio, where you can see some of the hundreds of incredible wildlife ponds Joel and his team have created over the past 19 years...

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