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Nest Box Schemes

Due to a depletion of natural habitat in the wider countryside, bird boxes can be an essential part of a successful wildlife garden and larger green spaces.  


We have worked closely with experts to ensure our heavy-duty, sustainably built and custom handmade boxes are suitable for each species.  In 2023 and after witnessing a steady decline in natural roosting sites for birds nationally, we worked with our supplier to design our very own unique Roost Box which was launched the same year.  These boxes are created to last a lifetime and are constructed with sustainably sourced plywood, plus these are built in a carbon-neutral workshop.   


At Hazelwood Landscapes we not only install bird boxes of all styles but also bat boxes too.  More importantly we know where to site them to ensure residency in these new homes and our boxes are predator proof.  We consult with the renowned Dr Bob Sheppard who received the British Empire Medal for his tireless work with Owl conservation.  


If you would like to purchase and install these boxes yourself then please see our full range at  

Dr Bob Shepherd BEM
Wild Your Garden Bird Seed

Specialist Bird Seed

Even the best wildlife garden can be improved with an essential source of food for our feathered friends through the winter months, and indeed the summer months if the correct seed is used.   Of course, no garden bird is able to transport water as essential moisture for chicks.  This is where a well designed and thought out wildlife garden can provide a variety of insects and caterpillars as a natural source of food for chicks, ensuring hydration.   At Hazelwood Landscapes, as part of your project we are able to supply and instal bird feeders in the right area of the garden and to encourage maximum visitors.  Joel has worked with our specialist suppliers to create a specific no-waste bird food for feeders and ground feeding.  For a variety of our life-time guaranteed bird feeders and food to replenish them - please click here.

Nesting & Wildlife Boxes

With a lack of natural nesting sites becoming a greater issue for our native birds, a great way to offer them an alternative and secure nesting site is to erect bird boxes for them.  As part of your project Hazelwood Landscapes can supply and instal bird boxes and other crucial wildlife housing such as bat boxes, hedgehog housing and our unique custom made Roost Boxes.  Nesting boxes can provide roosting potential at night but a lot of heat can escape where the hole is usually situated at the top of the box.  Up to 60 wrens have been known to roost in boxes, but with our Wild Your Garden roost box there are additional perches so everyone has space!   For a sample of boxes offered, please see our gallery below or visit our online shop to see our entire range.

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