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Wildlife Ponds

It’s no secret that adding water to your garden is one of the best things you can do to attract wildlife.  From bees to bats and birds to hedgehogs, everything that can be attracted to your green space will benefit from a wildlife pond, not just the familiar frogs, toads, and newts.  A vast array of insects can benefit from water bodies, and they are a vital food source for so many other creatures.  Using specialist methods that have been tried and tested since 2005, we have been creating natural wildlife ponds that establish very quickly, blending into the surrounding landscape and immediately attracting wildlife.   We are experienced in the creation of every pond size, from smaller urban gardens to larger multi-acre sites.   We have invested heavily in machinery capable of getting the job done right, and on time. We can create formal ponds that are just as good for wildlife, it’s about the right design, construction and planting techniques that ensure these ponds are wildlife friendly.


Bog Gardens

If you have a damp piece of ground but don’t want to go to the full extent of installing a wildlife pond, a bog garden may be ideal for your situation.  


We can create bog gardens as a standalone feature or as part of a pond design.  These habitats allow an opportunity to plant a diverse mix of wildflowers, different to those normally found in an herbaceous border that will further increase the biodiversity within your garden.  


We have been successfully installing bog gardens for over 16 years and have witnessed first-hand, along with our many clients, just how beneficial these habitats can be for wildlife.  


Learn more about our past projects

Click here to be taken to Our Portfolio, where you can see some of the hundreds of incredible wildlife ponds Joel and his team have created over the past 19 years...

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