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Land Management

Although some habitats are able to be left to "rewild", many need management to maintain the optimum habitat for wildlife.  Whether it's the yearly cut of a wildflower meadow, coppice management/selective thinning of new planting/woodland or maintaining/renovating an existing wildlife pond, we can provide specialist services to ensure the wildlife in your green space continues to thrive.


Tree Care

In the wild, trees will form their own rot pockets and shed limbs from time to time, which in turn creates much needed nesting potential for many birds and other forms of wildlife.  However, in certain situations, the management of trees from a safety perspective is essential.  We are qualified to carry out tree works that are sympathetic to each and every tree, which allows the tree to continue to provide a habitat for wildlife.  From coppice and woodland management, to the assessment and removal of dangerous trees, we've got you covered.


"May all your weeds be wildflowers."

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