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Bird habitat creation

From gardens to nature reserves, we can help you attract more birds in to feed and breed.

For many of us, birds are a hugely rewarding part of our every day lives. If you spend any amount of time looking out into a garden, or walking outside perhaps on the way to work, you cannot fail to notice birds going about their lives all around us.

At Hazelwood we have always been very passionate about creating habitat for birds in gardens, paddocks and on larger nature reserves. There are so many reasons we should consider bird habitat creation, here are a few:

  • Birds are usually quick to exploit any new habitat - whether hanging a bird feeder or creating scrapes for waders, target species are often quick to appear
  • Birds are easy and enjoyable to observe - people of all ages can see birds comfortably even at a distance and don't need to look through a microscope or sweep a net through undergrowth to enjoy them!
  • Many species of bird are very tolerant of people and disturbance - a walk through a busy town centre can be just as much fun as visiting a wild nature reserve
  • Birds are everywhere! You don't need acres of land - some of our most enjoyable projects have been in the middle of built up areas and have been just a few square metres of concrete!

Whether you have a blank canvas in the middle of a new housing estate or a mature garden set in ancient woodland, there are always more ways we can help attract more species of birds in. Here are a few of the services we offer:

  • Bird feeding stations
  • Nest box schemes - from blue tits to tawny owls
  • Berry bearing trees and orchard planting schemes
  • Coppice belts for warblers, tits and finches
  • Drinking and bathing pools
  • Standing deadwood for woodland specialists
  • Native hedge, tree and woodland planting
  • Green screens - custom built trellis and climbers
  • Brash piles for dunnocks and wrens
  • Bramble patches and tussock grass for nesting
  • Scrub management
  • Gorse planting for yellowhammers and linnets
  • Scrapes and wetland for waders

Please get in touch to discuss your ideas, we are always happy to help.

Wildlife gardens

We offer a wide variety of wildlife gardening projects, from wildlife ponds to flowering lawns.

Wildlife ponds

From design to completion, we construct wildlife ponds small and large.

Wildflower meadows

From small flowery lawns and nectar borders, to large paddocks and wet grassland, we can create all types of wildflower habitats.


We cover all aspects of hard and soft landscaping, from patios to planting.

Bird habitat creation

From gardens to nature reserves, we can help you attract more birds in to feed and breed.


At Hazelwood Landscapes we offer a wide range of management services covering all aspects of our work.

Wildlife Gardening Workshops

We teach wildlife gardening workshops around the country.


We exhibit at several different events nationwide each year.