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Hazelwood Landscapes

Hazelwood Landscapes

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is our involvement with butterflies.

Whether planting plugs of kidney vetch for small blues, carrying out regular butterfly transects in a meadow we have created, or simply watching butterflies in a back garden, they are a joy to observe.

For these reasons we capture these beautiful insects on film, and upload videos regularly to our YouTube channel Wild Your Garden with Joel Ashton - which can be viewed here

We are official ambassadors for Butterfly Conservation, a charity whose mission is to halt and reverse butterflies and moth declines. To find out more about the great work they do view their website here

Butterfly Conservation

We hope you enjoy the videos and welcome comments and ideas for future projects.

Joel regularly gives talks and workshops to ensure his knowledge is shared, enabling others to play their part in the re-wilding of their own back gardens and larger companies to do the same with their grounds, encouraging the successful return of wildlife to these areas.

Find out more on Joel's website

Wildlife gardens

We offer a wide variety of wildlife gardening projects, from wildlife ponds to flowering lawns.

Wildlife ponds

From design to completion, we construct wildlife ponds small and large.

Wildflower meadows

From small flowery lawns and nectar borders, to large paddocks and wet grassland, we can create all types of wildflower habitats.


We cover all aspects of hard and soft landscaping, from patios to planting.

Bird habitat creation

From gardens to nature reserves, we can help you attract more birds in to feed and breed.


At Hazelwood Landscapes we offer a wide range of management services covering all aspects of our work.

Wildlife Gardening Workshops

We teach wildlife gardening workshops around the country.


We exhibit at several different events nationwide each year.