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Case study ~ A small wildlife pond within a meadow

A case study showing how we installed a small wildlife pond within a meadow that rapidly established and blended into the landscape.

The brief for this project was to create a shallow pond within a meadow that didn't take up too much space but attracted as much wildlife as possible.

The pond in question is around 6m long by 3m wide, a fairly typical sized wildlife pond that even a small garden could accommodate.

Here is the pond in the construction phase

Here is the pond two years later

Within a year the following species of wildlife had been attracted and now breed here:

  • Over 30 adult smooth newts
  • Water boatmen
  • Pond skaters
  • Great diving, whirligig and many other interesting species of aquatic beetle
  • At least 4 species of pond snail including ramshorn
  • At least 8 species of dragonfly breed annually including broad bodied chaser and common darter
  • Many species of bird use the pond daily throughout the year to drink and bathe, and snipe often hide amongst the surrounding vegetation

If you would like to encourage these species in your garden please get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss your ideas and plans to create your own wildlife pond haven.