Case study ~ A small wildlife garden

A case study showing how we transformed a 10m x 5m back garden plot into a feature filled wildlife garden with a pond, mini meadow, native shrubs and climbers and much more!

Case study ~ Creating nesting cavities for bird species in tree stumps

Case study ~ Transforming a front garden into a cornfield annual meadow

Case study ~ An urban wildlife garden

Case study ~ Wildflower meadow and pond project

Case study ~ Wildlife pond, oak deck and wildlife friendly paving project

Case study ~ A nectar border in an urban back garden

Case study ~ Transforming a roadside verge into a wildflower meadow

Case study ~ A small wildlife garden

Case study ~ A small wildlife pond within a meadow

Case study ~ The importance of waste piles for wildlife

Case study ~ Planting a native hedgerow in a village garden

Case study ~ Creating a ‘limestone quarry’ habitat in a suburban back garden