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Case study ~ A small wildlife garden

A case study showing how we transformed a 10m x 5m back garden plot into a feature filled wildlife garden with a pond, mini meadow, native shrubs and climbers and much more!

The brief for this small garden measuring just 10m x 5m was to incorporate a wildlife pond, nest boxes for birds, a compost heap, native shrubs, small trees and climbers for cover, wildflowers for nectar, log piles, and a mini wildflower meadow and flowering lawn. We also had to include a small seating area to relax in and enjoy the garden.

Here is the garden immediately after completion, with new fences and trellis erected, pond installed and shrubs, trees and wildflowers planted

Here is the garden just two years later

The garden is now home to

  • Over 30 breeding adult common frogs
  • Over 12 breeding smooth newts
  • At least 4 pairs of house sparrows breed in the two large colony nest boxes we designed and erected
  • At least 2 pairs of starlings nest in the specially designed and erected nest boxes which sit on the modern fascia boards
  • Hedgehogs use the garden to forage now we have designed gaps in the new fencing especially for them
  • Over 30 species of wildflower provide nectar for many species of bees and butterflies, and are host to a large range of insect larvae amongst other things
  • Wrens and dunnocks use the trellis and native climber screens daily to hunt for insects
  • The bird feeder we installed attracts a large range of birds throughout the year near to the house where they can be watched and enjoyed
  • With a relaxed mowing regime on the flowering lawn, many bumblebees can be seen in the summer nectaring on the selfheal and clovers we planted for them

If you would like to turn your garden into a wildlife haven please contact us to discuss your ideas.