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Case study ~ A nectar border in an urban back garden

A case study showing how we transformed a small border into a nectar rich haven in a town centre garden.

We were contacted to design and plant a nectar border in an urban back garden. The area had to not only look beautiful from spring to autumn, but needed to also attract a wide variety of insects, particularly butterflies and bees, and be easy to maintain.

The border in question is approximately 7m x 3m and is backed by a south facing stone wall.

Here is the area before we began works

Here is the area 3 months after planting

The many varieties of nearly all native plants are now attracting several species of bumblebee, plenty of butterflies, hoverflies and also honey bees regularly visit. With fairly dense planting the border is quickly filling in, leaving no room for weeds meaning minimal maintenance.

In terms of ongoing management the border can be left over the winter to allow insects to hibernate and shelter undisturbed, then the plants can be cut back in the spring just once.

If you would like to encourage more wildlife into your garden borders, no matter what size, please get in touch to discuss your ideas.